Carl Wackerle retires from NGL as Regional Vice President Sales

Carl Wackerle retires after 20 years with NGL.

We are pleased to announce the retirement of Carl Wackerle, NGL Regional Vice President Sales on April 13, 2021. Wackerle’s experience in the industry spans two decades. He is a well-known and influential executive who has participated in many industry events and has been a popular speaker at national conventions and meetings.

“I have worked with Carl for many years, first as competitors and then as colleagues. The one thing I know without a doubt about Carl is that he is very passionate about what we do – helping families prepare to face one of the most difficult times of their lives. He will be missed by all of us at NGL and by our partners who he’s worked closely for years,” said John Baker, NGL Vice President Strategic Partner Development.

“It has been a privilege to work for NGL during the past 20 years and be a part of the phenomenal growth of our Preneed line of business over that time. When this journey started, we were basically a two or three state regional player and over time NGL grew to be one of the largest providers of Preneed products in the marketplace. I am proud to have played at least some part in that story during my tenure,” said Wackerle.

Wackerle joined NGL as the company entered the Preneed space and has been an integral part of the growth of NGL’s Preneed product line of business. He is an expert in AssetGuard, NGL’s product that helps clients transfer and/or protect their assets while setting aside funds to cover final expenses. His expertise helped NGL become a market leader in this rapidly growing product area.

“It has been a privilege to work for NGL during the past 20 years and be a part of the phenomenal growth of our Preneed line of business over that time.”

“I met Carl early in my Preneed career. He is a true pioneer in this industry and has been very instrumental in its development. He will be missed but I am excited for him and his next chapter,” said Cameron Black, NGL Vice President Sales and Business Development.

“Carl knows NGL’s history, its products and services inside and out. Vast experience like that will always be missed. We’ve been colleagues for a decade, I’m happy for him and wish Carl the best,” said Casey Wolfe, NGL Regional Vice President Sales.

“I first started working with Carl in 2001. He often visited our Worldwide Family corporate offices and was a regular presenter at sales meetings because of his knowledge of the products and how they can best benefit the families we serve. Carl is exceptionally personable and great fun to be around. I will miss working with him but wish him the best on his retirement,” said Paul Coe, Founder, CEO & President, Worldwide Family.

“Carl’s passion and dedication to NGL and the industry have influenced so many of us and he deserves a long and happy retirement. I will certainly miss working with Carl and wish him all the best,” said Judy Olson, NGL Regional Vice President Sales.

“I had the pleasure of working with Carl for several years in the marketing department. His knowledge of the industry and support in the creation of training and marketing materials were such an important piece to our success. He will forever be “the voice” in my mind, with the professional and entertaining way he recorded all our training presentations. It was a pleasure working Carl and I wish him a great time in his retirement,” said Jessica Grann, NGL Vice President Chief Culture and Communications Officer.

“Hiring Carl was one of the better decisions I made while working at NGL. He was a stand-out candidate at the time and throughout all of the years that I worked with him he was an excellent team member. After I started Advance Planning Services, LLP, Carl became our go-to person at NGL. It is because of him that we achieved the level of success we had at that time. I hope Carl enjoys his retirement years and I’m happy to help provide any tips on adjusting to this next chapter if he needs it,” said Ed Patschke, Founder Advance Planning Services, LLP.

“Carl’s professionalism and dedication to the industry and to the families who rely on the valuable services provided is an inspiration to all who have had the pleasure of working alongside him,” said Jennifer Kaset, NGL Regional Vice President Sales.

“I will miss the business, my fellow colleagues and the partners I’ve had the pleasure to work with all this time. I sincerely wish everyone, as well as NGL itself, much success in the years to come. I will still be a policyholder so I won’t ever be very far away,” Wackerle continued. “I look forward to the next phase of life, wherever that may lead – spending time with my family, traveling, the weddings of my kids, etc.”

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7 thoughts on “Carl Wackerle retires from NGL as Regional Vice President Sales

  1. It was wonderful to work with you – good luck and enjoy your retirement! You will be missed.

  2. In 1997, Carl hired me at a previous job. When he left that job in 2000 to join NGL, he recruited me to join as well. At that time, it was he and I in Madison, Ed and Martha in Appleton and the 3 regional sales reps. That was the extent of the support team for NGL’s Preneed business. Carl did not technically come from an insurance background but he learned quickly, immersed himself his job and over the years, built relationships with a whole lot of folks in this industry. NGL would not be the player it is today without him. His knowledge, perspective, candor and certainly his humor, will be missed.
    Carl, I am grateful for every opportunity you gave me. I wish you nothing but good things moving forward. Enjoy the next phase of life with Kathy and the kids. Hopefully your Honey Do list isn’t too long! I will see you soon.

  3. Congratulations Carl on your retirement! I’ve appreciated very much how you’ve cared and supported the team over the years and of course the time you spent with us relaying stories from the field. You’re passion for the industry and NGL has helped to build where it is today, enjoy the next adventure!

  4. Carl, it was a pleasure. You taught me a lot about the industry and then some. I hope you have the time of your life celebrating your well deserved retirement. There will never be another “Carl”. Good luck and best wishes.

  5. Carl, It has been a pleasure working with you for many years. I wish you only the best as you open a new chapter in your life. Please email me your new email address enabling me to continue the flow of jokes.

  6. Thank you for all the kind words. Wish each of you the best in the years ahead. Hopefully will actually see some of you again in the not so distant future, too!

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