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As a leader in the insurance industry, member of our community and mid-size employer, we believe it is our obligation and duty to ensure everyone feels a sense of belonging, respect and equitable treatment in the expression of their thoughts and beliefs. The events of the last year have reinforced our views and shown that we all need to reexamine and enhance our initiatives to be better, more tolerant neighbors for each other.

Connecting and collaborating has been a priority for us during our 112 years of business. There are three main areas we are focused on to support our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts – the workplace, the community and the insurance/financial services industry. We are continuously learning and evaluating how National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) and our services can be better, we are committed to doing the best we can.

In our workplace

There are a number of efforts we incorporated into our corporate culture during the last couple of years. We look forward to enhancing current programs, policies and procedures to make sure they are inclusive, and offer additional services and resources.

  • An Employee Resource Group on diversity, equity and inclusion was organized with a purpose to educate, listen to the needs of employees and promote opportunities to support each other. This group currently contains about 10% of NGL’s workforce.
  • Recognizing that families and family structures are unique, our bereavement leave policy was modified to not only provide more leave days but more inclusivity for the variety of relationships in our team members’ lives.
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day was added as a paid holiday off for employees. Additionally, a personal paid holiday is available for team members to use as they see fit to support any holiday or personal celebration. These holidays are added to the eight other paid holidays provided throughout the year.
  • Eight weeks of paid parental leave is available for team members following the birth or addition of a child in connection with adoption or foster care.
  • An independent, local agency conducted an assessment survey on diversity and inclusion to benchmark how well we are doing or what we have an opportunity to improve based on employee feedback.
  • Launched Choice benefit program which includes individual giving to taxable options for employees to decide how to direct benefit funds based on their current needs or anticipated needs for the year. There are tax-free options to direct their funds, including Health Savings Account, Health Care FSA, dependent care FSA and adoption assistance. Taxable areas include college savings plan, student loan reimbursement, personal development, pet care or cash to use as needed.

In our community

Throughout our history, our office has been located in the heart of Madison’s Downtown. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to deepen our community impact and collaborate to enact change, proving our dependability and integrity. 

  • In 2020, we donated more than $580,000 to financially support more than 60 local and national nonprofit organizations which focus on serving a multitude of needs for diverse populations.
  • Our generous team members give their time and their money to support causes that are most crucial to them. They are provided with eight work hours of paid time per year to give back and volunteer at nonprofits of their choice.
  • Partnered with Madison365, a leading media outlet for people of color throughout the Midwest, to create “History of Black Madison” four-part series of articles highlighting notable African Americans in Wisconsin’s past and present.

In our industry

The insurance and financial services industries impact everyone, regardless of their race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, genetic information or veteran status. Our partners can count on NGL to treat everyone with respect and compassion. When a customer purchases a policy from NGL, we have a goal to make sure they have what is needed to feel confident and have peace of mind that they are prepared for life’s challenges.

  • Printed, electronic and video consumer marketing materials are offered in a variety of languages, including Spanish and Standard Chinese. We continue to receive feedback from agents on additional items that need to be translated to better assist them as they meet with potential customers.
  • Sponsored the Conference of African American Financial Professionals, the largest gathering of African American financial professionals that provides an opportunity for education, networking and engagement. Members of our team were able to attend the virtual conference and gain a deeper understanding of personal and professional development areas that focused on African American communities and the wealth gap.

NGL is committed to evolving and learning how we can do more to support our current and potential team members, our community and our industry. We value everyone feeling they belong and that they can be their most authentic self.

National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of American a/k/a The Guardian or Guardian Life. 5012 3/21

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