Life’s most significant milestones require planning

We all know how financially important it is to plan for milestones. You have probably saved and planned for weddings, homes, retirement, trips and education, but have you considered planning for your end of life needs?

A lot of us forget (or don’t want to think about) the need to plan for that one significant milestone. But the hard truth is that we will all die someday, so why not plan for the inevitable?

Items to consider

As you start to think about end of life needs, a couple of items to ask yourself are:

  • How can I best set aside money to pay for funeral expenses?
  • What happens if/when I need to go into a nursing home and need to protect assets in order to qualify for Medicaid*?
  • How can I leave money for my loved ones or favorite charities, while also making sure funeral expenses are covered?

Setting aside money for final expenses 

Most funeral homes require payment in full prior to memorial or funeral service. The NGL Funeral Expense Trust** is easy to use, totally free and any funds remaining after paying funeral costs is directed to your estate. Having money set aside for funeral expenses not only protects your loved ones from the financial stress of coming up with the money needed but allows them to focus solely on your service and memories.

When you meet with a planning professional, they can explain the various options available to you.

*Some states may vary on Medicaid rules and eligibility is not guaranteed; please consult an Elder Law Attorney in your state for assistance.

**Not available in Indiana. Indiana residents may use the NGL Final Expense Trust, which offers similar benefits using an Indiana-based trust.


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