NGL’s EssentialLTC approved in Hawaii

We are excited to announce the approval of our Long Term Care insurance product, EssentialLTC, in Hawaii effective as of February 15, 2019. That means EssentialLTC is now available in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

Marc Glickman, Chief Sales Officer at LifeCare Assurance, administrator for NGL EssentialLTC.

Long Term Care insurance is one way to help cover future long term care costs and protect assets. Someone could need long term care coverage because they suffered a disabling accident, have a chronic illness or simply being unable to manage their daily needs. Long term care can be expensive and as we live longer, the costs of health care needs are expected to increase.

“We’re excited that Hawaiians can say Aloha (hello) to affordable and comprehensive Long Term Care insurance protection,” said Marc Glickman, Chief Sales Officer at LifeCare Assurance, administrator for NGL’s EssentialLTC.

EssentialLTC offers a wide range of both affordable benefits and asset protection through flexible options, including joint policy pricing, lifetime benefits, shorter premium payment durations, return of premium options, and the acceptance of 1035 exchanges.

Dennis Vann, VP of NGL Specialty Insurance Markets

“NGL plans to pursue approvals for EssentialLTC in California, Montana and New York. We hope that EssentialLTC can be made available in all states over the next few years,” said Dennis Vann, NGL Specialty Insurance Markets National Sales Vice President. 

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