Helping native plant species thrive

At the end of August, 15 NGL team members volunteered with Clean Lakes Alliance to remove and control invasive plants at UW-Madison Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

“It was such a great day learning about the different trees, bushes what is considered invasive and what is considered natural,” shares Karen Chadwick, Operations Team Lead at NGL. “We all had a wonderful time, many laughs, worked hard and great team work! It was probably one of my most favorite volunteer opportunities so far in almost eight years of being with NGL! Thank you for this opportunity!”

“On behalf of everyone at Clean Lakes Alliance, thank you to NGL’s staff for offering their time and energy at UW Lakeshore Nature Preserve yesterday! Your involvement in our Volunteer Day program has a positive impact on our beloved water resources. Removing and treating unwanted invasive allows our native species to thrive, bringing increased water filtration and capture, higher biodiversity, and less erosion along our shorelines. The more native plants there are in our watershed, the healthier our waterbodies will be,” shares Caitlin from Clean Lakes Alliance.

NGL is proud to support Clean Lakes Alliance and invest in a healthier community for everyone.

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