Congratulations to Dan Durow on his retirement

Congratulations to Dan who is retiring at the end of May after 22 years of service with NGL! Dan has been a valuable member of our NGL team and has organized and promoted employee engagement through supporting the  Special Olympics Wisconsin Polar Plunge event for two decades.

“I want to express my sincere thanks to NGL for all the opportunities I have had. From first being hired in 1999 from a small fraternal life insurance company, with virtually no experience in things like taxes, GAAP reporting and acquisitions. It has truly been a wild ride for a little country boy like me from Astico, Wis. There are many more new and exciting things coming up but it’s time for me to step aside,” shares Dan.

“Dan is not only a talented actuary but he also has an artistic side with his sand and snow sculptures. We wish him well and will miss him.”

“Dan is a valuable member of our team and has served as the appointed actuary for NGL and all of our subsidiaries. In his role he was responsible for ensuring that our reserves are adequate to cover future policyholder liabilities. Each year, Dan and his team perform detailed analysis on the business in order to prepare the Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum that is shared with the NGL Board of Directors and the Wisconsin Department of Insurance. This is an extremely important process that lays the foundation for the stability of NGL and the promises of future benefits to our policyholders,” shares Nancy Stoddard, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Actuary.

“He’s been involved in every acquisition at NGL and is the go-to person for historical information on those blocks of business,” continues Nancy. “When he first joined the company, we had about $1 billion in assets and not yet entered the Preneed business. In part to Dan’s contributions, we have now grown to more than $4 billion in assets and one of the leaders in the Preneed industry.”

“I want to express my gratitude to all the people I’ve worked with over the years. You make NGL a great place to work; and I wouldn’t have stayed 22 years if I didn’t mean that. I would like to thank my fellow actuaries; Andy N, Eric, Ana, Andy M, Chanhan, Andrea, John, our newest member, Scott, and our leader Nancy. I’ve worked with a number of you for many years and it truly has been an honor to do so. I have to say, I’ve met a lot of actuaries and actuarial teams over the years, but these folks are second to none,” Dan shares.

Dan built a final sand sculpture creation for all of us at NGL.

“Dan is not only a talented actuary but he also has an artistic side with his sand and snow sculptures. We wish him well and will miss him,” Nancy says.

“Farewell and I hope to run across you all from time to time in the future,” Dan continues. “I will now turn my attention to sand sculptures, snow sculptures, and grandkids (not in that order).”

Congratulations to Dan on his retirement! We greatly appreciate his dedication and outstanding commitment to supporting NGL. We wish him the best of luck as he begins this new chapter!

10 thoughts on “Congratulations to Dan Durow on his retirement

  1. Dan, congratulations on your retirement and your outstanding career at NGL! Best wishes to you.

  2. Congratulations Dan on your retirement! Wishing you and Brandy the best. Please keep sharing your future sculptures with us!

  3. Congratulations Dan, on your retirement! I will certainly miss seeing your snow and sand sculptures!

  4. Congratulations, Dan! Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement! Not a bad run for that kid from Astico!!

  5. All the best to you and Brandy as you head out on this new journey of retirement! I will miss seeing your works of art and joining in on the NCAA bracket fun. Take Care and enjoy!!

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