Congratulations to Michael Hundt on his retirement

We are pleased to extend well wishes to Michael Hundt on his retirement after 37.5 years with NGL!

 “I want to say how grateful I am to work at NGL my whole career. Truly I have been blessed to find a job I loved, and in doing so, it never seemed like I was going to work, but rather I was going to see my extended family.”

He started working in the mail room at NGL in 1982. “When I started my role was to make sure envelopes were stamped, packages invoiced and incoming mail picked up from the post office,” shared Michael. “In May of 1983 an opening for a mainframe computer operator became available. Lucky for me it was also the year NGL got its first personal computer.”

The new, very large computer system (see below picture for NGL newsletter announcement) was exciting for NGL and for Michael because it gave him an opportunity for a new, lasting career path.

“My supervisor at the time told me that if I learned to program a computer, it would definitely be a needed skill in any company’s workforce. Here at NGL I have been given opportunities to advance in my career and profession that I don’t believe I would have received in most companies.” Michael continued, “If I ever needed the training it was always provided. I was not stuck into a mundane technical existence, but instead, allowed to be a part of new and emerging technologies.”

“Many of you I have known for a long time, and many of you I have had only a short time to get to know, but I want you all to know that you each enriched my time here, just by being you. It is the people you remember once you leave, not what project you worked on in April of 2006. And so as of June 5, I will retire so I can improve my golf game, get the to do list down to a manageable level, take vacations and on occasion, smile and remember my NGL family.”

“Thanks for everything NGL,” shares Michael Hundt, retiring after nearly 38 years with NGL.

Thank you for your years of service! We hope you enjoy your retirement.

22 thoughts on “Congratulations to Michael Hundt on his retirement

  1. Mike! Such a pleasure working with you over the years – you’ve been nothing short of kind and helpful to me. I hope you enjoy your retirement.

  2. Congratulations Mike, awesome accomplishment and thank you for all of your years of service to NGL.

  3. Mike! I have certainly enjoyed working with you. I think back on all of our great conversations ranging from work projects to sports to politics to history, and of course, numismatics. I look forward to running into you outside the company.

  4. Thanks for all the fun NGL bowling outings, Mike…been great working with you all these years!

    1. Thanks Ted. If I have not changed, then either you need glasses or I need a new mirror. 🙂

  5. From everyone at Tapp Solutions, It has been a real pleasure working with you Mike.

  6. Congratulations Mike. May your golf game improve and your retirement be memorable. Thanks for all you have done for NGL!

  7. Congrats Mike!! You will be missed and I have enjoyed working with you all these years. Enjoy your new adventures and travel safe. Renee

  8. Congrats on your retirement Mike! It has been a pleasure to know you all of these years and you will be missed! I hope you can take a swig or two off that golf game of yours!

  9. Congratulations Mike! It has been a pleasure working with you. Happy Retirement!

  10. Congrats on your retirement Mike, so well deserved! Enjoy and be happy! P.S. Love the 70’s hair LOL!

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