Rituals help create a new normal

There are many people who think they don’t need to plan their funeral or memorial because they believe they simply don’t need one. They believe having a service would be a hassle for their family or it doesn’t matter since they will be dead anyway.

“Rituals provide a way to process death and create a new normal.”

Jamie Sarche, Founder of Talking Before the Mourning and Director of Preplanning at Feldman Mortuary

But the truth is, funerals aren’t for the dead, they are for the living. Yes, if you are preplanning your funeral you have the ability to determine the service details, music, flowers, speakers, the outfit you will wear, etc. Additionally, planning in advance allows you to determine the type of service and you can even pay for everything in advance so nobody needs to worry about money when the time comes.

Having a funeral, memorial service, celebration of life or some event that signifies the death is a ritual that guides the deceased’s loved ones through the grieving process. The event helps to unite the family and friends in their loss and provides an opportunity to share stories, express thoughts and process what happened.

Jamie Sarche, Founder of Talking Before the Mourning and Director of Preplanning at Feldman Mortuary, shares why rituals surrounding death are meaningful for the living.

Death rituals help people come to terms with death and begin the thought process of creating a new normal.

Planning your funeral and memorial services now is a gift for your family. You can have peace of mind knowing your service details are taken care of allowing the people who love you to focus on your life and memory.

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